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JM Heating and Cooling has established itself as a premier Longmont HVAC company. We take pride in our high customer satisfaction rating and we always provide professional service at an honest price.

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Furnace Repair | Longmont Colorado


With JM Heating, furnace repair doesn’t have to be a hassle. Our expert technicians offer furnace repair for all models and make it a top priority to keep your family safe and comfortable throughout the year. Our mission is to provide comfort, savings, and peace of mind to our neighbors in Longmont and the rest of the Front Range.

JM Heating’s specific furnace repair service include (but are not limited to) system diagnostics, heating system tune-ups, furnace repair, furnace replacement, and thermostat replacement. Our technicians are knowledgeable, fast, and friendly, and our company offers these services at a competitive price to save you money.

Furnace and home heating system problems can come in all shapes and sizes —that’s where JM Heating comes in. Whether it be a thermostat issue, a broken fan motor, a filthy filter, or something more, our service technicians can restore your home heating system to peak performance.

Regular maintenance checks are the best way to avoid energy inefficiency or damage to your furnace unit over time. Skipping out on these regular checks are one of the top reasons furnace repair is required more often in Colorado. It’s possible to check certain small items like air filters on your own, but an expert opinion is where families can save real cash on future maintenance. If your furnace is acting up or not working, call us right way to assure the problem doesn’t grow, and save hundreds of dollars over time.

Common problems with a furnace’s functionality and reliability often start with airflow. Lack of airflow makes your furnace work harder than it has to heat up your home, shortening its life span in the process. At JM Heating, we check various bearings, belts, fan motors, and your air filter to ensure that your home’s system is operating as efficiently as possible. We’re also happy to check ducts for wear and tear and inspect the moving parts inside your furnace. It only takes minutes to spot ignition control problems or heating system pilot errors, and the faster we detect the problem, the faster we can fix it for you and restore comfort.

Beyond the furnace, your home heating system is primarily run by your thermostat. Lucky for you, our technicians are well informed on the latest thermostat technology and able to install updated, programmable digital thermostats to make your system run smoothly. We’re also knowledgeable about zone heating and cooling, as different spaces in a home may have different heating requirements. Ask us if multiple thermostats may be the best option to efficiently heat your home.

Is your furnace acting up? Have a few questions about your home heating system or your furnace unit’s performance? Call us today to schedule a maintenance appointment.

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