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When Should I Replace My Furnace in Longmont Colorado?

If your furnace has been acting up, you may be wondering if it’s time to start looking into buying a new one. For this blog, we wanted to talk about some of the signs that may indicate it’s time for an upgrade.

It’s old

A furnace won’t last forever, and in fact, the average lifespan will run somewhere between 15 and 20 years. If your system is older than your high school sophomore-aged child, you’ll want to start prepping for a replacement.  If you’re not sure how old your furnace is, the serial number may provide you with some insight. If you need help figuring this out, call JM Heating today and we’ll give you a hand.

Your energy bills keep climbing

If your furnace is becoming more expensive to run, this is a telltale sign that it’s not running efficiently. At some point, repairs will no longer help and as such, you’ll want to lean toward replacement.

It’s making weird noises

You likely understand that your car’s engine isn’t supposed to sound as if its haunted, and that when the engine starts to sound funny, that’s a sign of a deeper problem. Your furnace is no different. If the system in your house is clanking, creaking, buzzing or rattling, you’ll want to contact a HVAC expert immediately. The technician can help you troubleshoot what’s wrong and they’ll let you know whether your system is on its last leg.

You’re on a first-name basis with your repairman

All things that have moving parts will eventually need to be repaired. It’s normal to need to contact a technician to repair your furnace at some point in time. However, it’s not normal to need to call the repairman so often that the two of you are on a first-name basis. If repairs are becoming more frequent, this is a sign you need to replace your furnace in Longmont Colorado.

If you’re sad that you’ll no longer see the repairman on a regular basis, you can always invite him over to catch an occasional baseball, hockey or football game.  Not to mention that a social visit will cost a lot less than a repair call.

Do I need to replace my furnace in Longmont Colorado?

If you’re not sure if you can repair whatever problem is ailing your system, you’ll be best served by contacting an expert.

The furnace repair technicians at JM Heating & Cooling have years of experience in helping homeowners in Northern Colorado troubleshoot their systems. When you call our office, you’ll speak directly with a customer care agent that can help you get an appointment on the books. During that appointment, we’ll perform a full system evaluation and we’ll let you know if you’ll be best served by repairing or replacing your furnace. For more information on our company, the types of services we provide to our clients and/or to schedule an in-home furnace evaluation, call us today at 303-434-0115 to get started.


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  • Ellen Hughes
    April 10, 2019, 5:34 am REPLY

    You got me when you said that you must consider replacing your furnace if it’s not running efficiently anymore and if it’s affecting your energy bill. I will share this with my mom so she can consider hiring a heating contractor that can replace her furnace. Her furnace was installed more than 18 years ago, and it’s starting to make unusual sounds. She has a hunch that the noises of her furnace are what triggering the spikes on her energy bill.

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