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Keeping Your Children Safe Through Heating Season

Keeping Your Children Safe Through Heating Season

As the winter progresses, it’s important to consider the safety of your children (and pets), especially when it comes to heating your home properly. To keep everyone comfortable, it may feel like you need to keep your heater running constantly, but this is not the case. When it comes to child-proofing your home, everyone seems to know the basic rules; cover outlets, hide sharp objects and small items a child can easily choke on, and don’t let them get close to a flame or cooking surface without supervision. But, what’s often overlooked is that an HVAC system during heating season can also post a risk to children.

A few tips to help your child avoid injury this heating season include making sure your carbon monoxide detectors are in good working order, keeping a baby monitor on hand even after a child has grown into a toddler or young child, supervision around furnace units or floor vents, and considering a safety gate to avoid access to utility closets or furnace units in unfinished spaces throughout your home.

Carbon monoxide detectors serve the purpose of assuring the air inside your home is not poisonous or toxic in any way. Carbon monoxide is often odorless or masked by the smell of gas (or engineered to smell like gas to keep families safe), so a working detector can easily alert you if carbon monoxide is detected in your home. Call JM Heating & Cooling right away if you believe your home HVAC system requires maintenance or your detectors go off for any reason.

In Colorado, furnace units are often stored in basements, which are commonly left unfinished in many single-family homes. These unfinished spaces can be a great space for children to have a bit of open space to play indoors, but it puts them right next to dangerous appliances that could harm them. Invest in a monitoring system or gate that can bar children from wandering over to things like the furnace unit and playing with its related components.

Last, simply keep an extra eye out when your child may be near a furnace unit, floor vent, or air condenser. These appliances are often sealed or feature casing that hides the most dangerous parts (pilot lights, electrical wiring, gas sources, etc.), but supervision is the most fool-proof way to make sure no accidents happen with your child and your HVAC system this season.

If you believe your HVAC system requires maintenance or repair, call JM Heating & Cooling right away.


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