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JM Heating and Cooling has established itself as a premier Longmont HVAC company. We take pride in our high customer satisfaction rating and we always provide professional service at an honest price.

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Retrofits | Longmont Colorado

You might need more than just your air conditioner or furnace replaced. Look no further!

It’s our priority at JM Heating that the retrofitting process produces maximum benefits for your Longmont home or building while minimizing time and overall cost. Retrofitting an HVAC system can be a tricky process, but experiencing improved comfort, airflow, and knowing your home will be more energy-efficient than ever makes it all worth it. Our technicians are highly trained to assure a no-nonsense, professional retrofitting process at a fair price. We’ll consider the needs of your home and make sure to retrofit the perfect central air system that will last for decades.

There are a few variations of the HVAC retrofit process, and speaking to one of our experts will give you clarity on which is best for your home. For example, in-kind HVAC system replacement simply means that your old system will be replaced with a newer version that matches the previous one. In this case, a technician would install similar ducts and units with similar capacities compared to the ones that preceded them.

This approach is simple, but homeowners often run into modern needs and conditions that call for a new approach.  Our innovative experts at JM Heating prefer new technologies, as the HVAC industry’s general technologies have made incredible progress in the last decade. Newer units, DCC control systems, furnaces, and thermostats are simply better products that can reduce energy costs over time. Variable frequency motors and drives improve your home system’s overall operating efficiency, which also saves you cash. The best part? They’re not risky—we stand by these new technologies and the precise installation skills of our technicians.

Another reason to consider a retrofit service is if your current system requires more and more maintenance as time goes on. Increasing maintenance requirements mean that your system’s components may be at the end of their service lives or can no longer live up to your home’s demands. If manufacturers no longer make certain parts and components of your system, that is another indication that a retrofit may be right for you. The truth is, buildings are built to meet the codes and design requirements from the year they were built. If these requirements change, so should your central air system. Our team is knowledgeable of local codes and HVAC standards and efficient when it comes to installation. Let JM Heating assess your space and system to determine the work that should be done.

Our HVAC retrofit services favor innovation and flexibility above simply replacing a burnt-out unit with a shiny new one. Call us about your current retrofit project, and we’ll strive to give you the best results for your home’s heating and cooling system.


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