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JM Heating and Cooling has established itself as a premier Longmont HVAC company. We take pride in our high customer satisfaction rating and we always provide professional service at an honest price.

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HVAC Services Longmont Colorado

At JM Heating Co., our HVAC services are not only precise and professional, but also fast and friendly. Our HVAC experts have over 20 years of experience in the industry, providing top-notch heating and cooling solutions to Longmont and the Front Range.

When we think of “Home”, one of the first things that come to mind is comfort. Our services exist to ensure you and your family can live comfortably through Colorado’s changing seasons and semi-arid high desert climate.

Our expert technicians can perform:

-air conditioner repair services

-air conditioner replacement services

-furnace replacement services

-furnace repair services


-humidifier repair services

-humidifier installation services

We at JM Heating know the value of quick, fair, and personalized service all too well. Our neighbors in Longmont and Colorado at large benefit from detail-oriented service, since homes in these areas come with a variety of HVAC service needs and histories. Our services can increase your home’s energy efficiency, since oversized HVAC systems cost more to operate and install overall. Updated space heating and cooling systems further cut energy expenses and provide you with the peace of mind necessary to truly live in comfort any time of the year.

A properly maintained air conditioning system can last up to 15 years with regular maintenance and proper care. Regular maintenance measures like changing air filters and promptly fixing leaks will optimize the longevity of your home’s system throughout its lifetime.

We are fully committed to providing these HVAC services to our customers in a friendly and personable way while focusing on efficiency standards, reliable repairs of old systems, and precise installation of new systems. Ready to save money with our affordable services and energy-efficient updates? Let us bring more comfort to your home today!

Call us with your questions about your home’s heating and cooling systems or to schedule maintenance and installations.

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