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Humidifiers | Longmont Colorado


Beyond central air, JM Heating offers humidifier repair and humidifier installation services to Longmont and the rest of the Front Range. Living in Colorado means dealing with a dry, semi-arid climate, and increasing humidity in your home could mean increased overall comfort, since dry air often causes interior walls to crack and dry skin for residents.

Physicians may even recommend humidifiers to aid breathing problems like asthma, remedy dry, cracked skin or reduce allergy symptoms. Viruses like the flu thrive in low-humidity environments, and a well humidified home can reduce the risk of these wintertime bugs. However, do note that older whole-home humidifier models have caused bacterial growth in ventilation systems. So if you have an older model, it is best to consider a full home humidifier upgrade or replacement to avoid bacterial growth in your home.

If Colorado’s dry air causes extensive discomfort for you and your family, adding the perfect amount of moisture to the air in your home won’t just make you more comfortable, it can save you money as well! Improved indoor air quality will make lower temperatures feel warmer and more comfortable for residents, lowering your energy bill in the process. The EPA reports that homeowners can save 4% on their energy bills for every degree they lower their thermostats.

We install and repair all brands of existing humidifiers as well as central air humidifying systems. A home humidifiers, just like any air conditioning unit or furnace, requires regular tune-ups to maximize its lifespan and your investment. JM Heating offers inspection and cleaning as well as repairs to existing home humidifiers, and our technicians have the skills and expertise to identify problems with your current humidifier or walk you through the process of choosing a new humidifying system for your home. Remember that over-humidifying your home may lead to germ or bacterial control issues, and excessive moisture can cause damage to walls or hardwood flooring, so let our experts determine how to best add moisture to the air and increase your level of comfort. Our HVAC experts will consider what size and type of humidifier is best for your home and find the right fit for you—guaranteed.

Whole-home humidifiers can be installed in new or pre-existing heating and cooling systems, as well as homes with radiant heat. In the long run, we consider them to be a no-brainer for your budget due to their ability to lower your utility bills and potentially protect your family against winter sicknesses and ailments.

Call JM Heating to schedule a home humidifier repair, replacement, or installation consultation today.

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