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JM Heating and Cooling has established itself as a premier Longmont HVAC company. We take pride in our high customer satisfaction rating and we always provide professional service at an honest price.

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Furnace Replacement | Longmont Colorado



The number one priority when it comes to furnace replacement is precise installation, and that’s what JM Heating is here to provide to our customers in Longmont and surrounding cities. Our experts have over two decades of technical experience in our back pockets to find the right furnace unit for you and your home, so you stay safe and comfortable all year long.

Our experts take extra care during the replacement process to ensure your furnace runs at peak performance long after we’re done. On average, a furnace can run for as long as 30 years, but older models tend to do a worse job heating your home and a great job of eating up your hard-earned cash via the energy bill. Plus, if your furnace came with your existing home, it’s not always possible to know its maintenance history.

At JM Heating, high-efficiency furnace models are our specialty. Not only do we use the most efficient models on the market, but we also save you time and money by preventing more frequent maintenance calls in the future. From furnace models that can achieve up to 97 percent efficiency to programmable digital thermostats, our products and installation service is dedicated to setting you up for future heating success and peak comfort. Improved efficiency in furnace units over the past decades come from the decline of the pilot light. Without a constant flame burning, a furnace wastes less gas without losing any heating ability.

Replacing your furnace can lead to savings over time and greater reliability during those frigid, unforgiving Colorado winters. All furnace replacement services should fit the needs of your home and family, and a furnace unit that’s too small won’t keep your home as comfortable throughout the heating season. One that’s too large may simply waste as much energy as an older, low-efficiency model, cycling on and off more frequently and causing premature wear and tear. If your home is larger or various rooms have dramatically different heating requirements, a zoned heating system may be best for you. Our services include consultations about and installations of these types of systems, utilizing a central control unit and multiple thermostats to monitor each heating zone. This type of system is important to consider in the event of replacing your furnace.

Our experts at JM Heating can assess the needs of your home and recommend the best heating system for you and your family. We truly care about leaving the job site knowing we’ve done the best possible job.

Give us a call today to schedule your home furnace unit replacement. We can be reached Monday through Friday during regular business hours to speak with you about your home and its heating needs.

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