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JM Heating and Cooling has established itself as a premier Longmont HVAC company. We take pride in our high customer satisfaction rating and we always provide professional service at an honest price.

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Air Conditioner Repair | Longmont Colorado


Are you ready for the cooling season in Colorado? HVAC technicians at JM Heating perform a variety of air conditioner repair services all year long in order to prepare your home for the hottest of days. Extreme temperatures, especially in the summer months in Longmont and the Front Range, can cause discomfort and even put families in danger.

Regular maintenance for your home air conditioning unit is not only key to staying cool, dry, and comfortable on hot days, but also to saving money over time. Recent reports show that heating and cooling accounts for half of the average household’s energy usage, so a clean, safe, high-efficiency air conditioning unit can easily reduce energy use for Longmont families. We at JM Heating are ready to provide you with professional, friendly, detailed repair and maintenance services that assure your air conditioner lasts as long as possible.

Our highly trained technicians at JM Heating can check your cooling system’s air filters, refrigerant levels, and evaporators to ensure your unit is running smoothly. Above that, we offer thorough inspections where our HVAC experts can identify common air flow problems, gauge your unit’s overall performance, and find/fix any leaks that may have developed since your unit’s last maintenance check. We will also make sure that all key parts of your home central cooling system—including thermostats, sensors, motors, and compressors—are clean and functioning as they should. After all, a well-maintained air conditioning unit not only cools the air in your home and saves you money, but also takes humidity out of the air to ensure a comfortable indoor climate on warmer days.

Between regular service repairs, it’s important to check whether your air conditioning unit is dirty or clogged. This is a common issue that quickly reduces the life of your air conditioner. Though it’s possible to clean out dirty filters on your own, allow our experts to diagnose and fix these issues during quick and reliable service calls. These meetings and check-ups can potentially reveal other larger, more pressing system and unit problems. Overall, cleaning your air conditioning unit can be an easy, money-saving fix for common efficiency and airflow problems that extends the life of your system.

Since home cooling systems at large are no stranger to wear and tear over time, we at JM Heating also offer general duct system inspection and repair services along with the regular maintenance of your air conditioning unit.

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