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When To Replace Your HVAC System

Your HVAC system is one of the most significant investments that you can make in your Ft. Collins home. As a large financial investment, it makes sense that homeowners want to get as many years of use as possible out of their HVAC systems. However, HVAC systems all have expiration dates – even those that are perfectly maintained. If your HVAC is worn out, it may likely start to cause problems with your home’s air quality and energy expenses. So, it pays to know the right time to replace your Ft. Collins HVAC system. Continue reading for tips and tricks to identify the right time to replace your HVAC system.  

How Long Do HVAC Systems Last?

HVAC systems generally last for 15 to 25 years. This timeframe will fluctuate based on the type of HVAC system, ongoing maintenance, and other relevant factors. Maintaining your HVAC system twice annually is essential to protect its full lifespan. Remember that even with regular maintenance from your Ft. Collins HVAC specialists, every HVAC system will run its course and require replacement. 

Signs That You Should Replace Your HVAC System

The Cost of Repairs Exceed Half of The Cost of Replacement

If you’re wondering whether or not it’s time to replace your HVAC system, consider the cost of repairs. When your HVAC system is already more than ten years old and requires extensive repairs, it may make more financial sense to have the system fully replaced instead of repaired. After all, even if you get the system repaired, it will need to be replaced in a handful of years. A new HVAC system will be a smarter investment in the long run. 

Air Quality

Your HVAC system works hard to maintain the quality of your home’s air. Through ventilation, your HVAC system removes particles from the air and keeps the humidity levels in your home at an optimal level. But, over time, your HVAC system will become less effective at doing so. 

Homes today are made to prevent indoor air from leaking to the outside and outdoor air from leaking to the inside. This means that the air in your home can quickly become polluted – even more polluted than the air outside. So, if your HVAC system requires replacement, you may notice that the air quality in your home is seriously suffering. This can lead to physical symptoms and allergic reactions, especially during allergy season here in Colorado. 

Temperature Regulation Problems in Your Home

When it’s time to replace your home’s HVAC system, you may notice that it’s difficult to maintain a comfortable temperature in your home. As HVAC systems age, they become less capable of keeping your home at an optimal temperature. HVAC system damage can also create this problem. Whether due to clogged filters, damaged ducts, a malfunctioning thermostat, motor damage, or insufficient fluid levels, when your HVAC can no longer maintain the right temperature in your home, it may be time for a replacement. 

Keeping an HVAC system that no longer effectively regulates the temperature in your home can lead not only to discomfort, but also to higher energy bills. This will make for higher monthly expenses for your household. 

Strange Sounds

HVAC systems that are no longer working well may make strange sounds. In contrast to a properly functioning HVAC system, which will run fairly quietly, an aging HVAC system may make squealing or grinding sounds. These sounds merit an immediate inspection from your HVAC team


Older HVAC systems may start to burn accumulated dust and produce an irregular smell. But, odors could also be the result of melting wiring or mold in your ductwork. These problems require immediate attention and a potential replacement. 

Upgrade To Smart Technology

Modern HVAC systems include smart technology integration for greater energy efficiency and convenience. Smart thermostats, for example, allow users to implement a heating and cooling program that coordinates with your home’s precise heating and cooling needs. Controlled by a smart app, this program will allow you to optimize your home’s energy use and save money on utility bills. If you think it may be time to replace your home’s HVAC system, or if you just want the system inspected, contact JM Heating in Ft. Collins today to schedule an appointment with our expert team.

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