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What the Heck is Geothermal? – New Trends on the Market, and their Pros/Cons

What the Heck is Geothermal? – New Trends on the Market, and their Pros/Cons

An up-and-coming trend in home heating lies in the warmth the earth can provide. Ever sat in a bubbling, steaming hot spring in the Rockies? If so, you’ve experienced geothermal heating at its finest. Now, that technology is making its way into residential homes, as a means of heating the air, water, and even offering radiant floor heating.

The unfortunate thing about geothermal energy sources as a widespread technology i s that it’s not yet cost effective for the average consumer. As a developing technology, it’s best for scientists to work on getting the components and function just right for mass production, and from there, consumers will begin to save real money on geothermal heat. Like solar when it first started out, geothermal is difficult to retrofit into existing homes and tends to ring up a larger up-front installation cost than most want to see.

Yes, some state governments offer energy credits for geothermal options, just like they still do with solar energy. The way geothermal energy works is by using the earth around and beneath your home to heat air and water. After sunny days, heat is naturally stored in the ground and water is then circulated through a series of underground channels that harbor that heat. Eventually, the heat is transferred to your home and is converted to warm the air and water with a central appliance. The most popular on the market are ClimateMaster, but it will be interesting to monitor other competitors that pop up as geothermal energy gains popularity.

Of course this is not a service offered by JM Heating & Cooling, but we are always keeping up with the latest technological developments in heat energy and energy efficiency.


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  • Camille Devaux
    April 18, 2019, 11:49 pm REPLY

    I like that you can look into getting a geothermal contractor service that will be able to help with your home. It might be wise to know that this is using the circulated earth heat. This might help my sister that is thinking about getting a contractor.

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