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What air conditioning system is best for your house?

Choosing an air conditioning system can be difficult, especially with the different types out there that can all be great for a house. 

Before purchasing an air conditioning system, make sure you know what will be best for you and your family, and what will fit your home the best. There are pros and cons to each type of system, so you need to look at both sides before you make a choice.

Here are some of the different types of air conditioning systems and their pros and cons, so you can choose what is best for your home:

Window Units

Out of all the types you can choose, window units are the cheapest to choose and are the easiest way to cool rooms in your house. They can be purchased at almost any big retail outlet or hardware store.

These units are not only cheap and easy to install and use, but they also require very little maintenance. They are also efficient as long as they are cleaned regularly, and typically come with warranties that can last as long as five years.

Although there are benefits of window units, there are also negatives. You’ll need one window unit for each room of your house that needs cooled, and they take up a lot of window space and are unattractive on the outside of your house. They’re also very noisy, which could annoy you and your family during the hot summer months.

Ductless Systems

Ductless systems are usually seen as the most energy-efficient air conditioning systems you can buy. They act like a heat pump without the ducts and use an air compressor to bring in the hot air and blow cool air out into your house.

Not only are ductless systems efficient and can be installed almost anywhere, they can also be used as heating systems during the winter because they act like a heat pump. As opposed to window units, they are quiet because they are on the outside of your house. They are also out of the way and won’t obstruct the view from any of your windows.

There may be many benefits, but ductless systems have their fair share of negatives as well. They are usually very expensive to purchase and install, and can only be installed by a professional because they require drilling through the walls of your home.

Portable Air Units

Portable air units may also require installation by a window, but they are easier to install than window units. They draw in the warm air, remove the moisture and blow the cool air out into your home.

They are easy to install, especially when compared to window units or ductless systems. They can also be moved, so if you have a room that needs to be cooled more than others, you can easily move the portable unit to that room. They can also be easily removed from windows so your view from your window is never obstructed. 

Portable air units are also costly to install and repair and can be loud depending on what type you get. The more expensive brands are usually quieter than the cheaper ones. Portable units also have water units that need to be emptied from time-to-time, so they require more maintenance. 

Central Air Systems

Of all the options, central air systems are the most efficient way to cool your home. Central air systems equally distribute air in each room of your home and there’s only one unit instead of one for each room. 

Central air systems are not only efficient, but they also provide comfort for every member of your family. This air system has temperature regulation, so each room can be a different temperature depending on who likes what. And unlike the other options, central air is very quiet and you will not have to worry about the noise.

Although the benefits are plentiful, there are still some negatives about central air systems. In order for it to be most efficient, you will need to pay for annual maintenance checks to make sure it is running correctly. Also, this system can be very costly, especially when it needs to be fixed.

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