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Signs You Need to Call a Furnace Repair Company in Longmont

Signs You Need to Call a Furnace Repair Company in Longmont

Imagine you’ve been away for several days. Your flight home got delayed, the weather outside is terrible and it took you 20 minutes of rummaging through your luggage before you could find your car keys. Sure, calling an Uber would have been a little more expensive than the airport parking lot, but at this point, the convenience would have been more than worth the extra expense.

The roads toward your home were terrible, you have a terrible headache, and all you want to do is change into sweats, order a pizza and curl up with some prime-time TV.

Yet when you walk through the front door, you can’t help but notice that something is amiss. Your lights are working, so you know the power hasn’t gone out, but your furnace isn’t making a sound. According to your thermostat, (your neighbors were kind enough to stop by earlier to turn your system back on.) your home should be a toasty 72 degrees.

But you’re quick to realize that the indoor temp is nowhere close to 72 degrees.

That’s when you remember your furnace is older than, well, older than you can recall. You’re not sure how old it is, but you know you haven’t been keeping up with regular maintenance.  At this point, you’ve resigned yourself that it’s time to call an expert for an emergency repair.

Warning signs

Although furnaces will sometimes quit without warning, most homeowners report experiencing seemingly small issues before a full system failure takes place.

For example- if your monthly heating bill has been climbing for no apparent reason, this is a sign that your HVAC motor is working harder than it should be. Sometimes, the fix is as simple as swapping out the air filter. Other times, a service technician can get your system back in tip-top shape by doing a simple repair.

Another sign that you’ll need to call a HVAC technician relates to noise. Your HVAC system is not supposed to ding, clank or make strange sounds. If your system suddenly has an audible problem, you should consider that to be a big red flag.

Lastly, if your HVAC isn’t warming your home as well as it did in the past, this is another telltale sign that you’ll want to schedule a free system evaluation. All reputable HVAC repair companies provide their clients with free system evaluations.

At JM Heating & Cooling we pride ourselves on providing our clients with top-rated service at a fair and affordable price. If we determine you need a simple repair, we’ll let you know. If we fee you could benefit from bi-annual maintenance, we’ll explain how this type of service can help ward off expensive repairs while helping to extend the life of your heater.

Lastly, if we think you’ll need a furnace replacement much sooner than later, we’ll tell you that, too. For more information on our company and the types of services we provide, call us today to speak with a HVAC expert you can trust.

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