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Signs of Heat Exhaustion: When to say ‘When’

Signs of Heat Exhaustion: When to say ‘When’

Summertime is a wonderful season in sunny Colorado. Along the Front Range, there are countless wilderness areas, natural landmarks, and trails to explore. Plus, our state is home to some of the most active, fit communities in the country!

But, even the most active and healthy among us are at risk for heat exhaustion and heat stroke when recreating in the summer months. While JM Heating & Cooling can easily take care of air temperatures, humidity, and quality at home, that’s all we have the power do to keep your family safe and comfortable through the summer. It’s up to you to monitor your own body and keep an eye out for signs of sickness in your family members too.

Common signs of heat exhaustion and stroke, according to the Mayo Clinic, are:



-weak muscles

-dizziness or disorientation

-parched lips


-heavy sweat

Heat Stroke:


-flushed cheeks and red skin that’s warm to the touch

-rapid heart beat and breathing patterns

-headaches that do not subside with food, fluids, or pain tablets

-sweat on cold, clammy skin

-High body temperature (feverish to the touch)

-a demeanor resembling someone who is intoxicated or sleep-deprived

If you or your family members show any of these signs, the first thing to do is to get them out of direct sunlight to a cool or shady space. Drinking water and avoiding caffeine also help with these symptoms. Applying cool towels or water to the skin’s surface will also help someone’s body temperature drop to normal levels faster. It’s also important to stay vigilant when out about, since you never know who could be minutes away from needing a helping hand! We’re a community, after all. Take care of each other!

Of course, if the forecast warns of excessive heat or dry conditions, it may be best to spend the day inside. That’s where our services at JM Heating & Cooling come in. Our company offers a variety of HVAC services to our clients living on the Front Range that keeps their air conditioning units running like new through the summer months.

We’re proud to feature service technicians with years of experience under their tool belts and a clean track record of fast, friendly, and fairly priced services for all. At JM, we take pride in our work and make customer satisfaction a top priority. We strive to make your house feel like a home, no matter the weather. Call us today for to schedule a service.


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