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Save Money, Stay Warm – Low-Cost and Low-energy Heating Tips

Save Money, Stay Warm – Low-Cost and Low-energy Heating Tips

Staying warm is your home HVAC system’s responsibility, but there are plenty of ways to add heat to your home in a more organic way this winter. If you’re looking to save some cash, consider these easy tips for staying cozy.

Bundle Up

Here’s the obvious choice, first and foremost. Utilize those layers! Wear fun, comfortable items to keep yourself warm like fuzzy socks, slippers, a robe or scarf indoors. Layering up while inside can help keep heating costs down without jeopardizing your comfort.

Build a Fire

If you’re lucky enough to have a true fireplace in your home, don’t hesitate to use it this winter! Just take the time to learn how to safely utilize your fireplace, buy some wood and you’re off to the races. Electric fireplaces will also provide the same type of homey heat, but will add to your energy bill instead.

Use the Sunshine

Even in the winter, Coloradans have the advantage of sunny winter days to warm up. Keep window curtains open in the afternoons if the sun starts to come out, and it’ll do its best to send some much-needed heat into your home after a cold, snowy winter night.

Focus on the Right Rooms

This is where a programmable thermostat comes in big. Focus on heating your home based on which rooms need the most heating assistance, not based on their location or traffic. Oftentimes, basement spaces are in need of the most heating help, while spaces with high foot traffic and a lot of appliances can often feel cozier on their own – that is, the kitchen and living rooms will heat themselves.

Change your Ceiling Fan

The direction a ceiling fan spins will determine which direction it pushes the air. In the summer, you want your ceiling fan running counter-clockwise to bring hot air from the outside up toward the ceiling and away from you, but in the winter, running that fan in a clockwise manner will push hot air down toward you and your family, helping you warm up in the winter months!

If you require maintenance to your home’s heating system, call JM Heating & Cooling today for diagnostics, fast and friendly service, and an always-fair price.


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