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Reasons to hire a professional HVAC company in Longmont, CO

Reasons to hire a professional HVAC company in Longmont, CO

If you’re having problems with your furnace or HVAC system, you’ll want to hire an experienced HVAC professional to help you troubleshoot.

Although some people think they can do this on their own, without hiring a professional, this is an enormous mistake.

A little bit about your furnace

The furnace at your Longmont, CO home is either electric powered or gas powered. If you have an electric furnace and you try to investigate an internal problem on your home, you run the risk of doing irreversible damage to the system. You also put yourself at risk of being shocked, which is something that no one ever wants to do.

If you own a gas furnace, you could do even more harm. The most dangerous thing that could happen, is that you could start an unintentional carbon monoxide leak. Carbon monoxide gas is highly poisionous; it’s colorless and odorless and if you have a leak inside of your home, your family, pets and loved ones will be at serious risk.

Other problems

Yet there are plenty of other reasons that you should leave HVAC repair to a professional. To start, you run the risk of turning what started out as a small problem into a much bigger one. Big problems, as you can imagine, cost much more to fix than small ones.

Depending on the nature of the damage you cause, you may hurt your system in such a way that it can’t be repaired. In this case, you’ll need to focus on a HVAC / furnace replacement as opposed to a minor repair. This will cost you thousands of dollars more on the back end, than had you simply decided to hire an experienced technician out of the gate.

Warranty issues

You could also void the system’s warranty. First, if your furnace is still under warranty, there is zero reason you should be trying to fix it yourself. If you try to tinker with it, you’re nearly guaranteed to void the system’s warranty.

Yet it’s not just the furnace warranty that you need to worry about. You also need to be mindful that a DIY repair could cause issues for your homeowners’ insurance policy. Your policy holder is going to want to know that you’re doing everything you can to ensure that components in your home are being properly cared for. If you’re an accountant by day, and you try to fix your furnace, your policy holder wont’ see this as you “doing everything you can to make sure your system is being cared for.”

Experts you can trust

If you’re having problems with your HVAC, your furnace or central AC system, you’ll want to work with the best. JM Heating & Cooling has years of experience in helping local homeowners with all of their in-home heating and cooling needs. Regardless as to whether you need help with HVAC repair or furnace maintenance, we’re here to help. Call us today to speak with a local heating and cooling expert.

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