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Predicting The Cost of Your HVAC Inspection

Predicting The Cost of Your HVAC Inspection

Predicting the cost of your HVAC Inspection is tricky. For this reason, we offer free quotes, at Denver’s Best Heating and AC Repair. A free quote will give you solid estimate of your HVAC services. We understand that quotes and estimates are an important part of budgeting for your home or business. Still, there are several things that will impact the cost of your HVAC services. In this article, Denver’s Best Heating and AC Repair will detail three factors that will influence HVAC price.


The age of your HVAC appliance will significantly impact repair cost, and influence your decision to simple replace an appliance. As a general rule, furnaces typically last 13-20 years. Whereas, an air conditioner will only last 10-15 years. The best way to extend the life of your appliances is through consistent maintenance and care. We encourage our customers to invest in annual HVAC maintenance inspections and clean their systems regularly.

It’s also important to remember that your HVAC system may still be under manufacturers warranty, this is something to consider before making a service call. Further, it’s also important to consider how much money you want to invest in HVAC repairs before replacing your system.

Appliance and Brand

The type of appliance you are repairing will vary in cost. For example, most air conditioner repairs cost between, $164 – $507. While furnance repairs range from, $50 – $800. The brand of your appliance will often impact the cost of repairs. Before purchasing a new HVAC unit, we recommend asking a certified technicians about estimated repairs costs and how they vary according to brand.

Time of Year

The time of year in which you invest in HVAC repairs will not impact cost dramatically, but you can usually find better deals during the off-season. This means investing in air conditioning repairs during the winter, and furnace repairs during the summer. Making HVAC repairs during the off-season is a great way to save money, reduce stress, and have greater scheduling flexibility.

HVAC repairs can be expensive, but JM Heating CO will do everything we can to keep prices fair and manageable. JM Heating CO will work with your budget to create a payment plan that works for you. Before investing in repairs consider the age of your HVAC system, appliance/brand, and time of year.

We hope you found this article helpful. Our team of professionals will help you keep your home clean and comfortable. You can reach JM Heating CO at: 303-434-0115. JM Heating and Cooling is only a click or a call away. We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for reading our blog at JM Heating CO!


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