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Pet Safety in the Summer Heat

Pet Safety in the Summer Heat

August is officially upon us, and some of the summer’s most intense heat waves are on the way. If a four-legged friend is part of your family, it’s important to consider how to keep them cool, safe, and hydrated through the most blistering summer days. Your pet might not be a fellow human, but they’re often more vulnerable to the heat than one might think! Here’s a few easy ways to avoid injury, exhaustion, or general discomfort for your pet this summer:

Mind the Asphalt

Did you know air temperatures as low as 85 degrees Fahrenheit, which feel fairly temperate for us humans, can cause sidewalks and roads to sizzle as hot as 135 degrees? The porous, rocky building materials harbor heat well into the night time, after the sun goes down and direct sunlight subsides. A good rule to follow is to test out potentially hot surfaces with your own two feet before taking your pup on a walk around the block. If you can’t stand on the sidewalk or road with your bare feet for at least seven seconds, then it’s probably too hot of a surface for your pet to walk on. Burnt paw pads not only cause animals pain, but they also make them more vulnerable to infection.

Use Water to Help Cool Down

Since dogs have hair or fur to cover their bodies, they don’t cool down or retain heat the same way humans do. It’s important to use cold water and shade to keep their body temperature down. Sure, drinking water is essential to the survival of any animal, but pups nothing more than to douse themselves in some refreshing, cool pools like lakes, streams, or even just rolling around under the garden hose. This may cause a bit of a mess, but a little foresight and planning can pay off in keeping your pup happy and your space (and outfit!) clean.

Seek the A/C

On the hottest of days, it might be the right call to leave your pup at home if your air conditioner is running smoothly and efficiently all day long. But, if you decide to take your pet with you on a trip, to the store, or just around town, make sure you’re prepared to take them everywhere. According to the Humane Society’s national website, a car parked in direct sunlight on an 85 degree day can reach up to 120 degrees inside within 10 minutes! This is something important to know not only for your pets, but for your kids too. As the summer heats up, keep the family together and in sight, two and four-legged members included.

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