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Maintaining your Air Conditioner in the Winter Months

Maintaining your Air Conditioner in the Winter Months

The number one piece of advice our team at JM Heating & Cooling can give, especially in an off-peak season, is to put in the extra bit of effort when it comes to maintaining your units that are not in use. As far as the fall season goes, your air conditioning unit is often the left out in the cold.

Three main things need to happen before the winter snow starts to fall, and the first of those is to keep your unit as clean as possible. From dusting and cleaning out various small components of the unit itself to even washing it off, the cleanliness of your system drives its efficiency when it’s constantly on. This can help your condenser unit last a few more cooling seasons than expected and brave the harsh winter and winds of the summer and fall in Colorado.

Beyond keeping your air conditioning unit clean, be sure to properly cover the unit before any snow truly does fall. The first reason for this is obvious: you will not want to go wrap your air conditioning units’ exterior in a blanket or taped-over tarp once the temperatures outside freezing after work. The second is simply to maintain the good work you did in cleaning your unit as part of step one.

Last, you want to keep the unit clear of any debris or potentially damaging materials or items. Ideally, an air conditioning unit should not have items, snow, or debris within two feet of the unit itself. Depending on what kind of side-yard space you have, maintaining this rule in particular may be tricky, but keeping the unit free of clutter decreases the potential hazard of a fire.

Before you go wrapping up your summer air conditioning unit, have an expert from JM Heating & Cooling take a quick look at your unit and home system to spot any potential maintenance to take on in the spring. We can recommend various models that are proof of innovation in energy efficiency and quality, depending on your home’s needs.

Don’t be a stranger; contact our friendly service team on our main number—that’s 303-434-0115—to schedule maintenance, a walk-through, or service call to get ahead of our home HVAC system’s maintenance schedule this year. Make this heating season heading into 2018 a good one!


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