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Lighting and your HVAC System: JM Heating & Cooling

Lighting and your HVAC System: JM Heating & Cooling

It boils down to the basics of heat: more natural light leads to warmer temperatures, thanks to the sun’s energy. That being said, good lighting is essential for any home to feel comfortable and, well, like ‘home’. Balancing function, comfort, and style is often a top priority for the homeowners we work with, and not only offers a pick-me-up for resident’s moods, but also added health benefits. But, too much light can counteract your HVAC system’s constant mission to adequately heat or cool your space, which is why zoning your system may be the best option based on how you prioritize natural light in your home.

If an area of your home receives more natural light than another, it may be a good idea to consult with our heating and cooling experts at JM Heating & Cooling to see if zoning your HVAC system is feasible and would be advantageous to your efficiency goals. A room well-lit via sunlight will more easily reach a proper heat temperature and therefore require less airflow in the space overall, whereas heating a basement that lacks natural light would take more work on behalf of your HVAC system. We’re well-versed in the concept of and services associated with zone heating and cooling, and are happy to advise homeowners looking to save a few dollars in more efficient practices. However switching to a zone system will most likely require a thermostat replacement as well as potential inspection and maintenance to your vent systems. The nature of these steps toward a more efficient system should be discussed with an HVAC expert of the technician associated assigned to your installation or conversion project.

JM Heating & Cooling offers conversion and consultation services with regard to zone heating and cooling, and our team is ready to help you upgrade your current system to one that better fits your family’s lifestyle and your home’s specific heating and cooling needs. Plus, it’ll save you money in the long run! Give our staff a call today to schedule a consultation or maintenance appointment, or simply give us a ring to ask a question about your system. We exist to serve our neighbors on the Front Range. Thank you for following this service blog.


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