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Electric Furnace Safety wtih JM Heating & Cooling

Electric Furnace Safety wtih JM Heating & Cooling

It’s a surprising detail to some, but furnace units come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Between electric and gas furnace units, millions of Americans enjoy comfortable, warm winters (at least indoors) each year. We rely heavily on these units throughout the heating season, and they can last almost two decades when properly maintained. However, they do post some safety risks due to the use of electricity and flames involved in heating our homes; t’s generally simple to safely operate and maintain an electric furnace model if you know the right tricks.

Be sure to verify whether the electric furnace you’re looking to buy for your home is both safety and quality certified. Technicians at JM Heating Co. do not give attention to units that do not possess these certifications, and will not install a unit in a home that is not certified by the manufacturer. We carry a number of high-quality, energy-efficient electric furnace models for our customers to choose from based on price point, and we’ll happily discuss those options with anyone interested in a new unit. After installation, our technicians can talk to you more about how to safely check elements of the unit and perform limited maintenance to them. All other maintenance and repairs should be left to the professionals, for your safety and for the overall well-being of the unit. A healthy furnace will use less energy and pose a lesser safety risk to your home. This offers peace of mind and a bit of a cost break as well. At JM Heating, we offer annual inspections for furnace units and their air conditioning counterparts – condense units. To always be sure your unit is safely running, schedule these appointments with us ahead of time. We can also help you keep an eye on manufacturer-mandated warranties to keep costs down when repairs must happen.

Installation and storage of your furnace should happen in a cool, dry space like an unfinished garage or basement. Keep the area around the furnace free of debris so as not to create a fire hazard in your home.

At JM Heating & Cooling, we want to make sure your family is warm, cozy, and safe this holiday season.


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