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Easy at Home HVAC Fixes

Easy at Home HVAC Fixes

Our HVAC system is meant to make ours lives more comfortable, but when they fail to function properly they can do the exact opposite. Luckily, there are several easy at home HVAC fixes you can try, before calling the professionals at JM Heating CO. It is our goal, at JM Heating CO, to provide our customers with useful HVAC relevant information you may be able to your own life. That’s why we dedicate our blog to you, our customer. Consequently, today’s article we will share three DIY (Do it yourself) HVAC solutions.

AC Drain Blockage

If you find your air conditioner sitting in a pool of water, there is likely a blockage in the drain line. This AC problem can be temporarily fixed at home by using a long wire to clear the blockage. You should attempt to lodge the blockage out of your drainpipe. If this fails to dislodge the blockage carefully blast water or air through the drainpipe. With a little luck, this will break apart the blockage and compounding dirt. If these tactics fail to work, turn-off your your air conditioner and call the professionals at JM Heating CO.

Non-Stop Cycling

If your HVAC system is cycling non-stop, you likely need to replace your air filters. Replacing HVAC air filters is a simple task and a part of regular HVAC maintenance (as we frequently discuss). Clogged filters will not cycle air correctly, and will quickly increase your HVAC bills. If replacing your filters does not stop the constant cycling, it may be time to make a service call.

System Will Not Turn On

If your HVAC system will not turn on at all first do a quick check — ensure the thermostat and appliance breaker is on; ensure all other situations are on as well. If your solution isn’t as simple as flicking a switch — make a call to JM Heating CO. Before placing your service call turn off your air conditioner as you wait for our professional team.

HVAC repairs can be expensive. Before making a service to call to JM Heating CO try-out these 3 tips. You may just find that you are capable of resolving your own HVAC problem. Of course, if you need to call a technician — call JM Heating CO. Our team of certified, qualified technicians are more than happy to help you.

JM Heating CO has been working in the Longmont, Colorado area for over a decade. We are an experienced, professional HVAC Company and we look forward to proving it. If you have any questions about JM Heating CO or would like to make service call, you can reach us at: (303) 434-0115. We look forward to hearing from you!   


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