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Duct Cleaning Essentials

Duct Cleaning Essentials

When it comes to a home HVAC system, the major pieces of hardware often steal the show. Air conditioning units and furnace units are important to keep clean and dialed in all year long. Often overlooked, however, is the duct system that helps hot and cold air travel through your home to its destination.

It’s not just the job of an air filter to keep ducts and the air itself clean; homeowners and technicians can pitch in too.

A few benefits of cleaning your duct system include better air quality in your home, which protects your family from harmful airborne illnesses and allergens throughout the year, better airflow to avoid any bacterial growth and assure your home heats up and cools down as fast as possible, and better energy efficiency to save you money on those energy bills.

Cleaning a duct system is also critically important in new homes, since the construction process is still fresh to memory. When building a house, dust from outside, construction materials like wood shavings, and even micro-particles of insulation material can float in midair, sneaking into your duct system and travelling around your house. Duct system cleaning then becomes vital to assuring your family doesn’t breathe in any of these things that are often invisible to the human eye. Plus, cleaning your ducts will help your home naturally smell fresh and clean!

But how does one go about cleaning their ducts? The first step is to turn off the power source to your heating and cooling units. Unscrew any grills or vents in your home and make sure to clean them thoroughly, using either a vacuum or soap and water, depending on how dirty they are. Then, simply use a vacuum hose and attempt to vacuum as deep down inside your vents as possible. If you’d like your ducts cleaned more thoroughly, consider finding an experienced professional to get the job done. Even though JM Heating & Cooling doesn’t offer this specific service, it’s an important step to maintaining your home’s airflow and energy efficiency between regular HVAC maintenance checks. It can even help to avoid costly repairs and replacements for your duct system and HVAC units.

Ideally, homeowners should make sure to clean their duct system every 3-5 years. This type of maintenance can extend the life and efficiency of your home’s HVAC system and improve airflow intermittently in your home.

If you have questions regarding your duct system, airflow problems, or energy efficiency, be sure to give JM Heating & Cooling a call. We’re happy to help and guide our clients toward the very best solutions for their home’s heating and cooling systems.


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