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Body Heat: The Best Local Sledding

Body Heat: The Best Local Sledding

We live in Colorado, which means the last thing we want to do is spend the entire winter indoors! Luckily, those first few snowfalls of the year can offer some killer outdoor fun on your local sledding hills before the snowpack on the ski mountain builds up. We searched around Angie’s List, Yelp, and Facebook to find the very best sledding hills near Longmont, just for you.

1-Boulder’s Chautauqua park

This one’s a bit of a drive for a Longmont resident, but nothing beats sledding at the foot of the Flatirons. One thing to beware of for this park is that it requires a healthy amount of snow for fast and safe sledding, since Chautauqua tends to be pretty rocky at the base.

2-Steven Day Park

Steven Day Park on Deerwood Drive in Longmont tops the list on Yelp, specifically, with four stars. Reviews seem to agree on the fact that the space is not very crowded and actually has some great potential for fast runs down the park’s hill sides.

3-Scott Carpenter Park

This popular Boulder park features one perfect hill for sledding. It’s wide face and not-too-steep grade are perfect to help sledders get up to speed without feeling unsafe. This hill gets a lot of morning sunshine and might be melty by the afternoon, so make sure to head there early.

4.Harlow Platts Community Park

A lesser-known park in Boulder’s city limits, reviews are generally mixed about this park’s apparent geese infestation paired with large luscious trees. But, everyone references the great sledding hill located there and say it’s not highly trafficked, which is perfect for a sledder wanting to get a bunch of laps in pretty quickly.

5-Mount Falcon Park

This Morrison sledding hill is ranked at number five simply because it’s a fair drive from the Longmont-Boulder area. But, based on what Internet users had to say about it, it’s worth at least one trip this winter sledding season. From gorgeous views to near-perfect conditions, this could be a great day trip for you and your little sled adventurers!

And when you get home from a long day on the slopes, there’s nothing better than walking in the front door to a warm, inviting atmosphere (and a little hot chocolate!). Call JM Heating & Cooling to assure that while you and your family are out enjoying the Colorado winter season, your home is ready to welcome you back with warmth, comfort, and efficiency.


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