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Beat the Heat in the Great, Air-Conditioned Indoors

Beat the Heat in the Great, Air-Conditioned Indoors

It might not have been what you pictured, but excessive heat waves across the country are forcing families to spend summer days inside, in the shade, or flocking to Colorado’s lake and rivers to get a little relief from the unforgiving summer sun.

But summer doesn’t have to be a waste if you’re forced to stay inside!

The first step to summer in the Great Indoors is keeping your home cooling system in top shape. Let JM Heating & Cooling inspect, tune up, repair, and even replace faulty units and parts to restore your system to top condition before those high pressure systems roll through the Front Range and leave us with a week of cloudless days.

Once your A/C is dialed in, it’s time to spend some quality family time where it’s cool, dry, and safe for everyone. We’ve all heard the saying that the kitchen is where everything happens—same goes for summer fun! Cool off by cooking together or creating some fun, chilled-out summer snacks for the kids. Plus, getting the family to chip in on a bit of meal prep work could save you some time and energy down the road.

Crafting together or doing a home project with the kids might seem like a classic family activity, but let’s be honest. Things get messy pretty quickly. The easiest way to keep hot summer days fun with as little clean-up as possible is to take it outside to the shade. Whether that’s a nearby park with huge trees to cover your family picnic or right out on the deck or porch, summer breezes and shady spots can help you and your family enjoy the best of both worlds in the summer heat. Add in a sprinkler or some super soaker water guns (our personal favorite at JM Heating & Cooling) to really make things feel like summer.

Some ways to step it up a notch? Create your own personal slip-n-slide with the always tried-and-true tarp method. Find a spot, lay it down, add running water and even some hypo-allergenic suds and voia la! If your family features a trampoline in the backyard, putting a sprinkler attachment underneath the surface is also one of the best, and most fun, ways to cool down come summer time.

Also, remember that summer vacation doesn’t have to mean learning is off limits! Consider a trip to the nearest museum for some air conditioned, educational, interactive fun for the whole family. Head to a show or a local landmark for a quick history lesson close to home. Or, kick your feet up for a summer reading session at home or at your local library. A great book can easily sweep you away to exotic locales, far away from the sweltering heat at home.

If excessive heat is keeping you and the family indoors through the summer, make sure your home cooling system is ready for action, before the heat wave hits. Call JM Heating & Cooling today to schedule service and ask us questions about your home system.


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