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Is Your HVAC System Ready for Fall and Winter?

Is Your HVAC System Ready for Fall and Winter?

The kids are back in school, the leaves have begun to turn, and social media users are posting pumpkin spice memes — fall is here! As your air conditioning usage winds down and you get ready to use your furnace again, it’s time to make sure your HVAC system is in fighting shape.

Learn how with the following HVAC maintenance tips!

1. Check Your Filters

For best results, you should be changing your air filter every month. But sometimes life gets in the way of these maintenance chores. If you’ve slacked off a bit, that’s OK. However, it’s even more important to check and change your filter now.

2. Clear the Vents

During the summertime, dust and debris can build up inside the vents of your HVAC system. Dust buildup on your coil and blower motor will force the unit to work harder to get the same result. That will mean higher bills for you and more wear-and-tear on the system.

3. Do Some Outdoor Maintenance

Pick a nice sunny autumn day and head outside to do some outdoor maintenance. While you have been at the beach, the amusement park, and summer parties, the outside unit of your HVAC system has been getting dirty. Dust, twigs, dirt, pollen, and of course falling leaves have likely accumulated in and around it.

Give the unit a good cleaning to save on repair costs down the line.

4. Adjust the Thermostat

Now that the temps are falling, you might not need the AC running as much. Nights especially are getting cooler, and opening your windows to let in a cool night breeze is one of the pleasures of early fall!

Not only that but since the kids are back in school, your house might not need to be so chilly. Reset your thermostat to reflect your changing usage and remember to click it off if you’re going to open those windows for some fresh air.

5. Get a Programmable Unit

If you don’t have one already, a programmable thermostat is an inexpensive way to make a big difference in your heating and cooling bills.

A wifi-enabled thermostat is an increasingly popular smart device to have. It can be controlled remotely, which is a nice feature.

6. Consider the Furnace

How old is your furnace? Most of them don’t last much longer than 15-20 years. If you have not invested in a new one in a while, prepare yourself to do so soon. Installing a new furnace during the early autumn — in other words, well before you will truly need it — is a savvy move.

7. Give Your System a Tune-Up

Too busy picking apples and taking hayrides to take care of these tasks? Have the pros visit your home to give your entire system a tune-up. They will do a thorough job and take care of any issues they may find.

Take These HVAC Maintenance Tips To Heart

Take care of your heating and cooling system, and it will take care of your family! Make sure to follow these HVAC maintenance tips to keep everything working properly.

Check out our services and get in touch so we can help you stay nice and cozy all winter long!

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