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100 Days of Heat: Olympic Inspiration-Training through Heating Season

100 Days of Heat: Olympic Inspiration-Training through Heating Season

If you live in Colorado, chances are you’re ready for the snow to fall so you can hit the slopes. When they’re not at home snuggled up on the couch with your favorite blanket and a cup of coffee, our customers are often chasing powder days and exploring what our great state has to offer in the winter months.

As we ring in the official 100-day countdown to this winter’s upcoming Olympic Games in Pyeongchang, South Korea, our team at JM Heating & Cooling wants to turn the spotlight to the olympic hopefuls in our Colorado community. With over two dozen Colorado natives looking to qualify for or returning to the games, industries like ours make indoor, land, and off-ice training possible in the off season for many winter athletes. Plus, as temperatures heat up across the globe, central heating and cooling systems play a big part in maintaining Olympic stadiums, rinks, tracks, and other venues where athletes make history.

For example, a standard ice rink is kept frozen by a powerful central cooling system and a special airflow system that maintains the ice surfaces’ freezing temperature. The ice itself is only one inch thick on a standard rink, and the work of a zamboni both excessively heats and cools the ice surface to assure it’s smooth and ready for action. What’s great about these systems are they aren’t all that complicated in concept. They’re essentially the same as residential systems, just multiplied with multiple standing compressors and condenser units and larger-than-usual duct systems that fit commercial needs.

Cooling systems also make things like luge tracks and ski jumps possible in areas where ice or snow would not naturally accumulate. Ahead of the Winter Games, officials in Pyeongchang have already mandated snow-making to occur leading up to the games in case natural snowfall does not meet the amount that the world’s best competitors need to perform.

Heat also plays an important role in helping Olympians shine. Installing proper HVAC systems in indoor training facilities, weight gyms, dance studios, and heating important athlete staging areas like locker rooms are also integral in ensuring an athlete’s comfort during their time training for and competing in the Olympic Games.


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