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Is This Thing Even Working? 6 Subtle Signs of a Failing or Broken Furnace

Is This Thing Even Working? 6 Subtle Signs of a Failing or Broken Furnace

Yes, furnace problems can be annoying, but did you know they can even be deadly? Nobody wants to deal with a broken furnace, but it’s something you need to deal with right away. How do you know if your furnace is on its last legs?

Unless you’re an expert, you may not know that your furnace is failing. If it’s turning on and the house feels relatively warm then it’s all good, right? Well, it could be showing signs that it’s going to stop soon or causing you or your home possible harm.

Keep reading to learn how to get ahead of your potential furnace problem before it’s too late.

1. Yellow Pilot Light

You probably don’t spend much thought on your pilot light unless it needs reigniting. It’s a good idea to check it out every once in a while and make sure the flame still looks normal.

A yellow pilot light means that your furnace could be leaking carbon monoxide. If this is the case, you need to take immediate action. Call a professional and get your family somewhere else in the meantime.

2. Cold Air

Is it starting to get cold where you live? If you have even mildly harsh winters, the last thing you want to fail is your furnace. Not only will it make your home less comfortable but you could also have to deal with frozen pipes if your furnace isn’t heating or ready for winter.

A telltale sign of a bad furnace is cold air blowing from the vents. Even if the air isn’t super cold, make sure the air is as warm as it’s supposed to be. If it’s not blowing warm air to every part of your home then you need to get it checked out.

3. Noises

No, your house isn’t haunted, it might just be your furnace. Those bumps in the night or strange squeaks might make you think that you have rodents or ghosts, but it could be that something in your furnace has become loose and needs to be repaired.

This is something that should be looked at quickly as a small problem can become a bigger one. Common noises are squeaking and knocking.

4. Higher Bills

Have you noticed a dangerous trend with your energy bills? If you’re paying more but your habits haven’t changed then it’s definitely time to check your furnace.

Running your furnace more in the winter is normal, but if your bills are higher during other times of the year it means that your furnace could be about to breathe its last breath.

5. Dust

Is a large amount of dust coming from the vents in your home? Not only will this make your home dirty, but it can cause some serious allergy problems. Your furnace may not be on its way out, but it may need a new filter.

If dust continues to blow from the vents even after new filters then definitely call a professional. It could be something as simple as it needing a good cleaning, but you won’t know unless they look at it.

6. Rusty Flue

Your home’s flue system is what allows the dangerous chemicals that a furnace produces to escape your house. If your system is rusted then it could mean that those chemicals are going back into your home.

If you suspect that you’re dealing with a rusted flue and normal rust removal isn’t cutting it, contact a professional immediately.

Fix Your Broken Furnace

Hopefully, you aren’t dealing with any of these problems, but if you are, don’t stress. A broken furnace can be repaired or replaced quickly by experts.

These things happen to every homeowner eventually, and you can contact a professional near you to get them resolved quickly.

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