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Why Isn’t My Central AC System Working?

Why Isn’t My Central AC System Working?

If your central AC system is giving you grief, you’re bound to feel frustrated. That’s normal.

Below are just a few of our troubleshooting tips, which may help you diagnose the problem.

AC is turning off and on at a rapid pace

When your AC can’t seem to decide if it should be on, or off, this is called short cycling. Short cycling is one of the most frequent AC problems that homeowners experience. The top four reasons this may be happening are as follows:

  • Where is your thermostat? One of the most common causes of this issue relates to the placement of your thermostat. If your thermostat is located near a window (and it gets hit with a lot of direct sunlight), or if it’s too close to one of the AC vents, this is likely the root of your problem. The easiest fix for this issue involves hiring a trusted AC technician to help you move the thermostat to a more centralized location.


  • When is the last time you changed the AC filter? An old, dirty filter can cause its fair share of AC problems. Not only does a dirty filter restrict AC flow, it can also cause problems with the evaporator coil, which can lead to short cycling.  If you haven’t replaced or cleaned your AC filter in longer than you can remember, this could be why your system is short cycling.


  • Your system is too big If you recently purchased a new central AC unit and it can’t stop turning on and off, there’s a chance you purchased one that’s too big for the size of your home. Not only will this run up your electric bill, a system that runs inefficiently is likely to have a shorter lifespan.


  • Your refrigerant might be leaking Another leading cause of rapid cycling is tied to leaking refrigerant. Most AC compressors have low-pressure control, which will shut your compressor off if your refrigerant is low.

Calling an expert

At JM Heating & Cooling, we have more than a decade of experience in helping diagnose and repair central AC systems throughout Longmont, CO, and its surrounding areas.

If your AC system isn’t working properly, you’ll want to have it looked at right away. It’s always best to address what could be a small issue, as quickly as possible, because this will help prevent the problem from becoming bigger.

Regardless as to whether you need help with your current AC system or you’re in the market for a new one and you’re hoping to get some recommendations before you make the purchase, the experts at JM Heating & Cooling are here to help.

For more information on our company, the types of services we provide or to schedule a free, no-hassle repair estimate, call our office today at 303-434-0115. We can also be reached via email at service@jmheatingco.com or at matthew.siemens@yahoo.com.

Call JM Heating & Cooling today to learn why we’re the most trusted HVAC and central AC service provider in the region.


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  • Darin Cook
    May 24, 2021, 9:04 pm REPLY

    I liked how you mentioned that you should be regularly replacing or cleaning your AC filter. My wife is wanting to prepare for the summer. I’ll tell her that we should start regularly replacing our AC filter.

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