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Worried You Have A Broken AC? 7 Warning Signs You Need An AC Repair

Worried You Have A Broken AC? 7 Warning Signs You Need An AC Repair

Think you may have a broken AC but aren’t sure? Is your AC not as efficient as it has been in the past? Or has been around for far too long and you suspect the parts have worn out? 

Here are seven warning signs that your air conditioner may need to be repaired. 

1. Warm Air

An AC’s job is to blow refreshing fresh air. When it starts blowing warm air, this is a sign of a mechanical issue. Adjust the thermostat and ensure you set the temperature. If the AC still vents out warm air, then you know it’s time to call someone to fix it.

2. Poor Air Inflow

An efficient AC blows out fresh air in generous amounts. This level of efficiency helps to cool the room. Sometimes, the ducts of the AC may have a blockage. The AC, therefore, vents out the cool air but very weakly. 

At times, the Ac’s motor may break because of poor handling. Since this is the part that pushes the air, air inflow is affected. Changes in air inflow indicate either of this mechanical hitches. 

3. Bad Odor

AC may develop mechanical issues once they have been in use for a long time. You may notice an unusual stink when you turn on your AC. Bad odor from the AC result from microbial growth. 

This is because of the accumulation of humidity in the ducts. Bad odor also results if a wire or cable burns inside the AC. You, therefore, need a fix as soon as possible to keep the AC and have your house refreshed.

4. High Humidity

High humidity in your indoors can be a little uncomfortable, especially during spring and summer. Your AC should rectify the humidity levels. If it fails then you need to get it checked.

An expert diagnosis will recommend recalibration. Or if the issue can’t be fixed, we’ll guide you through buying a whole house humidifier. 

5. Water Leaks

AC’s rely on cooling and condensation of vapors to refresh your room or home. Like the normal refrigerator, the liquids accumulate at times. 

However, the water should not overflow because the process is a cycle. If the water accumulates to the extent of leaking and overflowing, you need to service the AC. 

6. Noise

An AC that produces unusual noises signals the need for repair. The usual sound of AC is low-level and unnoticeable.

If you hear grinding noises, squealing whistling and buzzing, then there is a part of the AC that is malfunctioning. An expert AC repairer will examine the type of sound produced and repair the AC.  

7. High Electricity Bills

Once you buy an Ac, it is advised that you monitor the electricity bill. If you are keen, you’ll be able to estimate the monthly bill by the AC.

The bill should play around the figures. If the bill suddenly shoots, this should alarm. The thermostat switch is probably spoilt, or there are other complications in the appliance.

Fixing Your Broken AC 

This guide highlights the warning signs that your AC needs repair. Spotting them early enough helps you to seek maintenance. Remember, you can’t fix the mechanical hitches by yourself unless you are an expert. Call one as soon as notice something queer with your AC. 

The immediate repair will keep your AC working effectively. It will save you from buying a new one if the damage is gone too far. A broken AC can also lead to high electricity bills

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