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Have A Dust Problem? Your HVAC System Could be Contributing to It

Have A Dust Problem? Your HVAC System Could be Contributing to It

When it comes to dust, a lot of people don’t consider that their HVAC system could be contributing to the problem.

Although you may not give your furnace much thought until when and if it breaks down, if you’ve found yourself in a place where you’re dusting your home a bit more frequently than you used to, this is definitely a blog you’ll want to read.

Yes, we’re serious and no, we’re not kidding

In some of our previous blog posts we’ve talked about the importance of having your HVAC system maintained (most professionals recommend having a Longmont, CO HVAC technician service your unit twice a year.)

There is a very good reason for that!

When the technician comes to your home they’ll perform a full evaluation of the state of your HVAC. They’ll also take a look at your ducts. If you can’t remember that last time you had them professionally cleaned, this could have an enormous impact on the amount of dust you have inside your home.

Dust, cobwebs, pollen and pet dander can all build up inside your ducts. When you turn the furnace on (and the air starts to be pumped throughout your home), all of that can be pushed through your vents.

The good news is that this type of problem can be remedied quite easily, and quickly, when you have the ductwork cleaned.

Clean filters are key

In the past, we’ve posted more than a few blogs about the importance of keeping your HVAC filters clean. There’s a really good reason for the volume of those posts: if the filter is dirty, it’s going to do a terrible job of well, doing its job. (That job, in case you’re wondering, is to keep all sorts of unpleasant contaminants from circulating in the air throughout your home.)

When the filter is clogged, it’s not going to be able to remove things like pet dander, pollen, mold spores, dust, etc. from the air. Second, it’s going to cause your HVAC motor to work a lot harder. Not only will this put additional strain on your system, it can lead to a noticeable uptick in your monthly heating and cooling bill.

Using the right filters is important

HVAC filters all have something called a MERV rating. Ultimately, the higher that rating is, the better the filter will be at filtering contaminants from the air. When it’s time to buy new filters be sure buy ones that have a MERV rating that’s compatible with your current HVAC system.

For example, if your HVAC is rated for filters with a 12 MERV rating, but you buy ones that are rated at 18, you could run into some problems.

Have questions? Call JM Heating & Cooling today

At JM Heating and Cooling, we have years of experience in helping residential and commercial clients in Longmont, CO with all of their HVAC, furnace and central AC issues for years. If you’d like to learn more about the importance of scheduling regular maintenance, or you’d like to receive a free quote.

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