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Best Ways to Cool Your Finished Basement in Longmont, CO

Best Ways to Cool Your Finished Basement in Longmont, CO

Finished basements are great. They’re a great space for your kids to host sleepovers, to watch the Big Game and they’re the perfect place in your home for setting up large-scale puzzles and arts and crafts projects.

If you’ve decided you want to turn your downstairs storage space into a family room, you may be wondering how to heat and cool it.

Below are just a few ways you can keep the temperature in your finished basement feeling pleasant.

Portable AC and/or portable heating units

If you think you’re going to partition your basement into several smaller rooms (ie: storage space, laundry room and gathering space) as opposed to creating one large bonus room, you may be able to heat and cool your finished basement using one or more portable units.

The effectiveness of this option will be largely dependent on the square footage of the space you intend use with your family.

If the area is not especially large, a portable AC unit can be an ideal choice. Not only are they lightweight (and portable, as the name implies), they can be purchased online or at any big box retailer. When winter arrives, you may be able to warm the room using a floor-based ceramic space heater.

The only downside to portable units is the amount of electricity they use.  If you run them a lot, you’re bound to notice an uptick in your monthly heating and cooling bill.

Consider extending your HVAC

If you plan to use most of the space and you think you and your family will be spending quite a bit of time in your new, finished basement, you may want to consider extending your HVAC system.

As you might imagine, this will involve hiring Longmont, Colorado-based HVAC service provider.

Although extending your ductwork and your HVAC system will require a bit more cost up front, if you plan on owning your home for the foreseeable future, this will be the most cost-effective option in the long-term.

Consider a mini split

If you’re not wanting to extend your ductwork and you’re not too keen on the idea of using a portable AC or space heater, you may want to ask your HVAC service provider about a ductless heating and cooling. This type of technology is also known as a mini split and mini splits are ideal solutions for zone-based heating and cooling.

The unit is not regulated by a thermostat, but instead you’ll control the temperature using a remote control. Depending on the make and model you choose, the mini split may also be able to function as a fan and/or dehumidifier.

Heating and cooling experts in Longmont, CO

JM Heating and Cooling is a locally-owned and operating HVAC service provider that has been helping commercial and residential clients in Longmont, Colorado for years.

If you have questions about the best way to heat and/or cool a finished basement, we can help. Call our office today at 303-434-0115 to speak with a Longmont, CO customer service representative today.


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